How To Get Better Sleep

Having an awful nights sleep can really effect your workouts in the gym. You’ll feel lethargic, un-motivated, you’ll feel more stressed and aggravated and there’s a lesser chance that you’ve fully recovered from previous workouts. Sleep is so often overlooked when it comes to your results and progression, so here’s some sure fire ways to boost your quality of sleep and ensure you leave no stone unturned.

Stay consistent with your workout routine

The National Library of Medicine found that doing moderately intense exercise on a consistent basis can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep by up to 50%. So if you’re feeling up to it, stick with the routine as it can benefit your sleep patterns.

Limit your mobile phone use right before bed

We all love a good scroll on our phones on a night time, but unfortunately our mobile phones/iPads etc. give off blue light which can mess with your body’s internal clock, reducing your melatonin which is the hormone needed to help you relax and unwind. Opt for a book or magazine instead, or simply set yourself a goal of not using your phone once you’re in bed.

Limit your caffeine intake closer to bed time

We’ll hold our hands up and admit we also love a good coffee, an energy drink or two or even a good pre-workout supplement. But when it comes to trying to improve your quality of sleep, having too much caffeine close to bed time can be counter-productive. Caffeine can last for up to six hours so set a cut-off time for caffeine that’s at least five to six hours before your usual bedtime.

Try a ZMA supplement

If you’re an avid gym-goer and like to take supplements, ZMA can play a vital role in your sleep at night. Zinc supports your immune system and muscles, while Magnesium plays a role in metabolism and helps manage sleep. Increasing these nutrients in your system can build muscle strength and stamina, speed muscle recovery, and improve the quality of your sleep too.

If you don’t sleep, you undermine your body.

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