How To Protect Yourself From Covid In The Gym

We understand that as restrictions lift around the world, some people were keen to get back to the gym ASAP, while others may still be feeling anxious and stay away. With the majority of gyms being indoors, here’s some tips that can help you stay safe in the gym environment and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Gym-Safe Tips

Taking these measures will help reduce the risk as much as possible…

  • Don’t go to the gym if you’re feeling unwell, particularly if you have Covid-like symptoms
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser when you enter AND leave the gym
  • Clean equipment (machines/free-weights/bars/weight stack…think about anything that is ‘touched’) before and after you use it, (most gyms should be supplying anti-bacterial wipes or spray and tissues)
  • Try to avoid touching your face or mouth during your workout, wait until you’ve washed your hands AFTER leaving the gym
  • Try to maintain your distance from others when working out (if it’s friends try not to shake hands/hug)
  • Take your own beverage into the gym to avoid using shared water fountains
  • Go to the gym at quieter times if possible. Some gyms have apps or numbers you can call to enquire about gym numbers.

Studies On Gyms & Covid

For every 100,000 visits to UK health clubs only 1 person will go on to test positive for COVID-19

ukActive Research Institute

Of the 49.4 million member check-ins documented in the study, health clubs reported 1,155 cases, translating to a 0.0023% infection rate. Once again, none of the cases led to community transmission.

U.S IHRSA and MXM’s “visit-to-virus” ratio tracker.

When risk mitigation and cleaning protocols are in place, fitness facilities are safe for members, the community, and staff alike. Overall, health and fitness clubs are not hotspots or uniquely contributing to the spread of coronavirus.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

If it’s a lack of motivation that’s stopping you from getting back into the gym, you may also find THIS BLOG useful.

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