Top 3 Butt Building Exercises

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It’s becoming more popular for people looking to grow their glutes in the gym. Everyone wants a bigger, rounder and firmer derrière, so here’s 3 GREAT butt exercises that’ll help you reach your goals!

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts can be a better choice for some people over deadlifts. That’s because when you push your glutes up, it has to work harder to lift the weight placed on the crease of your hips from the ground. The biggest main benefit of this exercise is the ability to hold at the top of the movement and SQUEEZE, so don’t overdo it on the weight side of things to the point where you can’t control it.

Rope Pull Throughs

Another exercise that works well in the high rep ranges is the rope pull through. By using the cable system thrusting your hip forwards as you pull the rope through your legs, you’re enabling a smooth, controllable exercise that allows you to really isolate your glute muscles with a huge SQUEEZE.

Reverse Lunges

This exercise targets your gluteus maximus, which is the muscle that gives your butt it’s shape. Reverse lunges aren’t often used by many as butt builders, but leave no doubt, it’ll help lift your butt since it’s the largest muscle in your backside. This can be done with a barbell, dumbbells or even front loaded goblet dumbbell style or front squat position. Mix it up!

But where’s squats???

Don’t get it confused, squats (just like deadlifts) are a FANTASTIC butt building, compound movement. The issue with squats with most people though is their ability to connect with the exercise. For example lots of people may notice more quad growth, or thigh growth, but not so much in their glutes. That’s basically because it can be a difficult movement to really squeeze on (which is why we opted for more squeeze-worthy exercises in this blog).

IF you want to squat, maybes try sumo stance. If not, there’s always leg press too…once again though, feet wide to hit the glutes a little better!

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